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Morgan Graham has landed the female lead in the new SAG feature film "FAMOUS" Huge Congrats!!

Cranston with yet another credit to add to his list; Has Landed the recurring role of Luke Taylor on the FOX network's "FILTHY RICH!!

OUTER BANKS!! AG alum Nick Cirillo has landed a fantastic recurring role as the villainous "Barry". Killin it Nick!!

After his work on the Netflix movie "TALLGIRL", Andrew Broduer Has two new movies coming out this Christmas & New LA Representation! Big Congrats

Coming Off a Guest Star on NCIS this Year, Danielle Tarmey has nabbed a Recrring Role on the Tyler Perry series "The Oval"!

After highly praised reviews for his work in the Nicole Kidman Film "BOY ERASED", Britton Sear signed with new LA management and Recently booked the film "RUN HIDE FIGHT" Congratulations!!

Congrats to Paige, who has booked a role in the TV series "If Loving You is Wrong"

Vonii has landed a huge recurring role on the OWN network original series "David Makes Man" and signed with new LA representation!!!

Big Congratulations to Ian Nelson who has landed a Leading role in the feature "Paper Spiders"!

Tara Gulledge has booked a supporting role in "Christmas on the Range" from INSP Network!! Congratulations!

Coming Off a huge recurring role on NETFLIX's "WU ASSASINS" Cranston has Landed Another recurring role on STARZ "P-VALLEY"!!

Big Congratulations to Gunnar Anderson who has booked the new Spike Lee produced Tales From the Hood 2 !!

Hot off the new Ryan Gosling movie "THE FIRST MAN" Michael Lee Kimel wraps his heavy recurring character "Beautiful Jeff" on AMC's "LODGE 49"!!! tremendous work Mike!

A big congratulations to Paige Hullett who has booked the new Feature film "Alice"!!

After wrapping his Recurring role on the smash hit "House of Cards", David Price Continues his bookings with a new Rom-Com! Big Congrats David!!

Vonii Bristow Continues a String of Great Work Landing the Bounce Network Series "Saints and Sinners"!!

Sasha Morfaw has Booked a Fantastic Multi-Episode Arch on the Hit AMC Series TURN!!

Britton Sear has landed the coveted role of Cameron in the new Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe movie "Boy Erased"!! The film is based on the best selling book of the same name.

Big Congratulations to Jacob Crickenburger who has won Best Actor at the Ashville Film Festival for his Leading Turn in the Period Drama "Incident at Abbotts Creek"!!

Michael Lee Kimel Books an Outstanding Recurring Role On The CW Network's new show "Valor"!

Paige Hullett has booked a Guest Starring role on the series "Homicide Hunter" from the ID Network!

We are proud to announce that Ian Nelson has booked the lead character in a new series "There's Johnny"!! from NBC Universal the show is about a young boy who finds himself working on the Johnny Carson show.

While filiming as a Series Regular on Season 3 of the Sundance Channel hit show "Hap & Leonard" Cranston has landed a recurring Role on the new TNT series "Deadlier Than The Male"!!

Congratulations to Charis Jeffers for her Guest Starring role on "Murder Comes To Town"

Jacob just wrapped the hit new series "Shots Fired" from FOX opposite Helen Hunt & Richard Dreyfuss. Jacob recurs throuout the series run as Jesse Carr

Michael Kimel wraps a guest starring turn on the hit CBS series "NCIS New Orleans"! In it, Michael portrays the unexpected villian of the episode.

David Price books Lead role in upcoming Studio Feature! (Details to come)

Ian Nelson books starring role on the blockbuster crime drama "LAW & ORDER"!

Cranston Johnson continues a string of amazing work! Beating out some of the industries' best Cranston won the Series Regular role of Hanson on the Sundance channel's gritty detective series "HAP & LEONARD" based on the books of the same name.

Congratulations to Michael Kimel for booking the crime drama "3 Billboards" opposite Woody Harrelson & Sam Rockwell.

We are proud to announce that after a national search, AG's Vonii Bristow has landed the part of "Ice Cube" in the new network biopic "SURVIVING COMPTON"

(details coming soon)

Kendra Staub lands a role in the new MARVEL movie

(Details are withheld due to filming privacy rights)

Cranston Johnson is tapped for a recurring Guest Star on the new FX series "ATLANTA" with Donald Glover

Jacob Leinbach Stars opposite OSCAR winner Chris Cooper in "Coming Through The Rye"

Vonii Bristow to Guest Star on the STARZ network series "Survivor's Remorse"

Jacob Crickenberger books NBC's smash hit "Nashville"

Ian Nelson to star in the film "Freak Show" with Abigail Breslin and Bette Midler

Ryan Davenport books the Feature Film "Moratorium"

Ryan plays a lead role in the gritty independent film "Moratorium"

Laurin Christian lands recurring role in upcoming series

Details to follow

Britton Sear Guest Stars as Carter Dobbs on the new HBO series "Vice Principals"

Cranston Johnson Wins Best Actor Award

Cranston wins Best Actor at The Rahway International Film Festival for his work on "A Letter to My Son."

Cranston Johnson Guest Stars on NBC series

Cranston will guest star on NBC's  "Game of Silence."


Joseph Gray books the role of Dylan on CBS's "The Inspectors"

Courtney Lakin to Guest Star on the CW hit "The Originals"



Joesph Gray to play lead role in Dark Resonance



Jacob Leinbach Guest Stars on AMC's runaway hit "TURN"

Ian Nelson Guest Stars on TNT's "Legends"

Ian lands Guest Star role on the TNT crime drama series Legends with Sean Bean.

Ian Stars opposite Joey King and Horatio Sans in "Camp"

James Freetly Books new AMC series "Halt and Catch Fire"

Michael Paolucci at RiverRun Film Festival

Michael Paolucci's film "Homeless" will be screened at RiverRun International Film Festival this year.

Bookings for Brianna Doss

Brianna continues bookings with South Point & Delta Airlines Commercials.

David Price lands Wellcare Health spot

Tara Gulledge books USA's "Necessary Roughness"

Catch Vonii on TV One

Vonii Bristow books a role on TV One's series "To Hell and Back"

Instructor James Freetly books the role of Andrew on ABC's "Secrets and Lies."

Britton Sear in Theaters as Vince Vaughn's son in the comedy "Unfinished Business" from Universal studios

Booking for Tatiana Russell

Tatiana booked the role of Janice in "The Malevolent."

Bookings for Cranston Johnson on both NBC and ABC shows

Cranston Johnson booked a Guest Star role on NBC's "CONSTANTINE" as well as a role on ABC's "SECRETS AND LIES."

Cranston Johnson's "A Letter to My Son" selected for several film festivals.

Cranston Johnson's film, "A Letter to My Son," was selected to be screened at RiverRun, WAMM,  and North Carolina Black Film Festivals. 

Booking for George Sams

George booked the lead role in the film, "Fate."

Booking for Jack Vynalek

Jack booked the role of Major Earnest in the film, "Stuart Sleuth."

Booking for Charis Jeffers and Jacob Crickenberger

Charis and Jacob booked roles in an independent film shooting in NC.


Booking For Laurin Christian

AG's Laurin Christian has been cast in "Alex's Guy"

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Tara Gulledge in "Before the Sunrise"

AG's Tara Gulledge, was cast as Abby in the  film, "Before the Sunrise." 

Ian Nelson in "Boy Next Door"

AG actor Ian Nelson plays Jennifer Lopez's son in this feature film. In Theaters now!

Jacob Crickenberger & Tammy Bason in Film, "A House in Walkertown."

AG Students, Jacob Crickenberger and Tammy Bason star in this film.

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