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Actors Group is a unique training ground; We are a comprehensive training facility not a workshop or multi-week intensive. The instruction at our studio is derived from years of study at the most elite and highly acclaimed schools in the country & over 35 years of on-set Film and Television experience. Unlike other classes that focus on one style of acting, AG employs multiple schools of thought as well as many concepts unique to our studio. Additionally, we film all of our classes to replicate an "On Set" environment in order to prepare each actor for the presence of the camera. 


Now celebrating our 18th year, AG has turned out scores of successful students who have appeared in over 150 film and television projects. Our students have gone on to book everything from leads in studio films to series regulars on hit network TV shows. Actors Group is proud to offer the finest film training available today.





What makes the performances we watch look effortless is the incredible amount of work, preparation and focus an actor dedicates to build a character and understand each scene. Much like watching a professional athlete make something look simple, the training required to compete on a high level is rigorous. Film acting deals with everything from subtle nuances to raw emotions that must be experienced by the actor in order to move their audience. AG’s style of teaching is designed to train each actor to be creative with their choices and live each moment a meaningful way.


Our training is based on the same principles used by the finest actors working today. Cilian Murphy, Christian Bale, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Tom Hardy, Daniel Day lewis, Johnny Depp, Hilary Swank, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto and thousands of other acting greats have relied on the principles of truth and personal connection to bring about real emotions and honest, powerful performances.


Throughout our training process comprehensive knowledge of the business, auditioning, agents and castings are explained and discussed.


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